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Elli, a subsidiary of Gateway Education Global, is an international educational service provider that helps local partners meet and exceed global learning standards. Our mission is to use educational opportunities as a gateway for students to achieve the enduring personal success that benefits them and their communities.


Courses Available

Elli Afterschool

After School

Creative classes for children and teenagers to learn or improve their English.

Elli Executive


We offer courses to help businessmen and women have a competitive language edge in today’s changing world.

Elli Camps


There are one- or two-week camps for students each summer with volunteers from North America or the UK.

Elli Test

General English

Courses for people of all ages who want to learn or improve their ability to speak, listen, read and write English

Elli General

Test Preparation

To achieve university acceptance in an English-speaking country, we help students prepare for the rigorous and demanding tests required.

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